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ORC: Week 8

I can’t believe we are here!

This Spoonflower x Apartment Therapy project has been at times wild, exciting and relieving.

This is the relieving part the part at the end where you look around and see how far you’ve come and you think did we really just do all that work? Did we really remove the exterior and base of our fireplace and rebuild a whole new one?!

Did I just paint our walls white and order blue couches? Did I wallpaper that wall I’ve been wanting to wallpaper since we moved in? Thanks to the Spoonflower A Rest in Nature wallpaper by dasbrooklyn, our living room is a completely new space!

Yes girl, you guys did that, now go enjoy it and that is exactly what we will be doing. Thank YOU so much for following along while we renovated our living room.

Now when you read this just picture me reading a book with a hot tea nearby, or playing a board game with my family, or watching a movie on the “family couch” or snuggling my boys as we giggle and laugh about something my youngest said about a Pokémon character.

Want to get some Spoonflower wallpaper of your own? Code 20ATORCFALL2022 will provide you with 20% of site-wide through November 30, 2022!



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