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ORC: Week 6

Week #6 and we’re getting close to the end of this project. This week I was stressing and overthinking a lot of details when it came to decor. After stressing for a few days, I paused, took deep breaths and decided to stop overthinking, overthinking wasn’t going to serve me and was just going to make me question everything. I started making decisions and it finally felt like the ball was rolling again, our couches came in, I didn’t love the legs so I ordered a set off Amazon.

I knew I wanted the space to have more plants than it had before so I ordered plants and visited nurseries locally.

Remember when I said I didn’t know if two couches would fit, well they fit you guys and I am LOVING the new layout, it divides the space intentionally and efficiently. I shared about how we opened up the half wall that was original to the build of the house. We opened it up and loved it but now we decided to close off the walkway and I was thinking of adding a desk behind the couch where I could work but still be in a central location so the kids could find me while I work, IYKYK.

Let’s talk about some of the pivots we’ve had to make for the space. Alright first one, I decided to paint our bookshelves to add a punch of color and I didn’t like it. Mhm, wrong color for sure, I used the lilac color that I used in the loft space and it wasn’t working for me. What do you think back to white? Yellow? Or Green?

That Spoonflower wallpaper by dasbrooklyn though, I love it so much! We wired the pendant lights and it hits the wallpaper just right and makes it glow. By far my favorite wallpaper in our home.

Let’s move to the fireplace, we initially planned on using a white Roman Clay to cover the surface, but when the fireplace cement dried we kind of fell in love with the uniqueness of the finished look. It’s gray and has darker gray spots so we’re leaving it for now and not going to cover it with Roman Clay. Maybe in a few years I’ll be itching for a change and can do it then but right now we just love it so much it’s going to stay.

Now let’s talk about wall paint, when I was planning the space I wanted to go with a light wall color, I was thinking either green or blue. I waited until the couches arrived before I painted because I wanted them to compliment each other. The couches got here and the wall color (peach) at the time was clashing so much with the couches.

So I painted the walls white so I could have a clean slate to work with and you guys, I love the walls white, at least for now. I love color as some of you may already know. We’ve brought so much color into the space that white walls that are covered in colorful art and plants just make sense. But I am still thinking a blue or green could be in our near future. I’m sharing more of the process on IG through posts and stories, so if you’re not following along there be sure to do that! @thehahnestlife


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