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ORC Week: 4

Week #4 of the One Room Challenge® and we’re going strong. Changing the exterior of the fireplace is something I have thought about doing since we moved in. A fireplace was a non-negotiable when searching for a home, the kind of cozy a fire adds during the winter months is wonderful.

It was originally white when we moved in, I painted it several times, but never really felt like it represented my style.

We removed the exterior with a crowbar and hammer, it was no easy task but we were able to pry it from the wall.

We then started to build the main structure of the fireplace using 2 x 4’s, made sure it was level, and sanded down the areas that weren’t.

We then attached the main structure to the wall. You want to make sure you’re attaching it to studs on all sides, so it doesn’t become loose over time and start to come off the wall.

We measured and cut the cement board and attached those, made sure everything was level and again sanded down areas that weren’t.

Then it came time to mud the fireplace with cement. I really wanted a finish that wasn’t gritty and would give a smooth finish after sanding. So we ended up going with a Feather Finish from Lowe’s because it could withstand heat.

The finish dried in gray, I really love the look of white cement fireplaces but I also am loving the way this one has dried so I may keep it gray. Can’t wait to share final photos!


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