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ORC Week: 2

This week I will be visiting antique shops, plant nurseries and sourcing products for the One Room Challenge® in partnership with Spoonflower. I will be visiting some of my favorite vintage/antique shops here in Austin in addition to featuring one of Spoonflowers wallpapers to introduce vibrant colors and brighten up the space in a unique yet approachable way.


Uptown Modern

Room Service Vintage

Side Kitsch Vintage

Tillery Nursery

East Side Succulents

Big name stores I like to visit for home decor are IKEA, Home Goods and World Market. They consistently offer a wide variety of home decor and textiles. 

When I am shopping for couches, like most people, I want to test out what I am purchasing. If I’m purchasing a couch online I make sure to research all the reviews and take measurements and even go as far as grabbing the painters tape and marking off the dimensions on the floor. 

For textiles, I’ve realized I have a skin reaction to certain polyesters, I can always tell by the texture if it will end up bothering me, so like couches I also like to feel pillows and blankets. Poufs or floor cushions are a must personally, we love gathering around the coffee table for board games, puzzles and even dinner some nights and comfortable floor seating makes it so much more enjoyable. 

And of course color, lots of beautiful colors that make the space feel fun, bright, happy and a little funky.

Be sure to follow along on Instagram @thehahnestlife. I’ll be sharing a lot of my Spoonflower wallpaper pick and other finds especially on stories with you and asking what you think! 


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