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Homeschool Subjects for January-July 2022.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

My brain is usually mush the week after Christmas. I slowly ease into planning the next 7 months of our school year. A few steps I follow are below:

  1. Organize school supplies and curriculum.

  2. List out subjects.

  3. Create reading list for books we will read together, books we will read individually and books we read for our curriculum.

  4. Set goals for our combined learning for us individually, even for myself as their teacher.

  5. Plan out 4 weeks at a time IN pencil. It's so important for me to be flexible with myself, if we don't complete a lesson, I usually pencil it in on another day. I don't overthink it or dwell on it, just pencil it in and move on.

We don't study each subject every day and we do more than half of the subjects together, with a few independent lessons. Click on the lesson for a link to the curriculum we use for that subject, for subjects without links I put resources together to teach lessons.

2021-2022 Subjects

The schedule we follow below.

​Bible, Scripture Memory

Read Aloud, Drawing, Nature Study

L.A., Vocab, Poetry

History/ Science, Religion, Math

Writing, Penman, Spelling

Typing, Art, Music

Kyle Literature

Thaddeus Literature






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